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There’s a good article about government agencies getting into Second Life over at

Education World columnist Doug Johnson also wrote a nice “One-Afternoon Second Life Tour” on the TechProof blog, where he points to NOAA’s Meteora, the International Spaceflight Museum and Genome sim.

James Dearnley, who moderated the SciLands panel discussion at SLCC 2007, recently posted a link to this blog on Facebook. I’m taking the liberty of reposting it here:

Second Health and the SciLands is a comprehensive look at both the Second Health project and NOAA’s new Second Earth installation. Tara5 Oh (SL name) has written a very thoughtful and informative piece that covers the SLCC panel in Chicago as well as these two builds. Check it out!

zazen Manbi has posted an audiovisual recording of the SciLands panel, which occurred at 4:30 PM Chicago time on Saturday, August 25, 2007.  Check it out.

Aleister Kronos gives a whirlwind tour of the SciLands, including a nice review of the orientation experience, over on his blog.  Check it out.

The 2007 Second Life Community Convention (SLCC) was last weekend (August 24-26). There was a panel by SciLands members, chaired by James Dearnley.

Here is James Dearnley’s blog about the panel

Dave Taylor also announced the existence of the Second Health sims, which he later wrote about on his blog. The Second Health website is also live now.

The UgoTrade blog also has a great article about the SciLands panel and Second Health.

A Hungarian medical student (Bertalan Meskó) also discovered the Second Health sims on his own (before they were announced at the SLCC) and he wrote a bit about them on his blog.

Scilands 5-island view

Here is a view from NASA-CoLab (lower half) to ISM’s Spaceports Alpha & Bravo (at the upper left), NASA-JPL (center), and Elon U to the right.