Elon University

Scilands 5-island view

Here is a view from NASA-CoLab (lower half) to ISM’s Spaceports Alpha & Bravo (at the upper left), NASA-JPL (center), and Elon U to the right.




Torley Linden (formerly Torley Torgeson) took a great 360 degree panorama photo of the SciLands sims NASA CoLab, Elon, Explorer Island (JPL), and Spaceport Alpha (International Spaceflight Museum). Torley then passed it through some filters to give it a lovely Ansel Adams look…

You can see larger versions on Flickr.

Ivan Semeniuk, the US Bureau Chief for New Scientist, posted an article about astronomy in SL on the New Scientist space blog. It mentions Chaac’s planetarium and telescope at the ISM, among other things.

Tectonic Nabob made a neat ant simulation on Elon sim. Wagner James Au (formerly Hamlet Linden) wrote about it on his famous New World Notes blog, and that got pointed to by BoingBoing. Very cool! Check it out.