Ivan Semeniuk, the US Bureau Chief for New Scientist, posted an article about astronomy in SL on the New Scientist space blog. It mentions Chaac’s planetarium and telescope at the ISM, among other things.


The Washington Times did an article that talked about the SciLands, particularly the University of Denver and their new NRC project, in an article on August 2.  Other organizations in the SciLands are also mentioned.

The US State Department’s publication, USINFO, published an article on June 27th about the NASA islands in the SciLands, NASA CoLab and JPL’s Explorer Island. See the article here.

The July/August issue of Technology Review has an 11-page cover story that features several islands in the SciLands: Science School, ISM’s Spaceport Alpha, and NOAA’s Meteora. The online edition also has several video clips from these islands.

The SciLands put out its first press release today, to announce its existence to the world. You can read it here.

Here’s a map of the SciLands region, as it stands today:

SciLands Map on April 30, 2007

Photo credits: Ta Da! by audreyjm529 on Flickr Creative Commons, SciLands map by Troy McLuhan

Tectonic Nabob made a neat ant simulation on Elon sim. Wagner James Au (formerly Hamlet Linden) wrote about it on his famous New World Notes blog, and that got pointed to by BoingBoing. Very cool! Check it out.

Three articles published in the last few days have talked about the use of SL by NOAA, NASA and other parts of the government.

“Science Web Pulls Curious into Virtual World” was in the February 19 edition of the Denver Post. It has quotes by our very own Dragonfire Kelly, as well as Hackshaven Harford from NOAA and Hygeia Philo of the CDC.

“NOAA Creates a Second Life” appeared in The Daily Camera (Boulder) and focuses on NOAA.

“Get a Life”, published in Government Computer News (GCN), talks about Congress and NOAA.

Interestingly, none of the articles make the old mistake of calling SL a game. Now they think it is a website.

UPDATE:  A fourth article, “Virtual CDC Spreads Like Flu” covers the CDC and NOAA in SL.