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zazen Manbi has posted an audiovisual recording of the SciLands panel, which occurred at 4:30 PM Chicago time on Saturday, August 25, 2007.  Check it out.

Aleister Kronos gives a whirlwind tour of the SciLands, including a nice review of the orientation experience, over on his blog.  Check it out.

The 2007 Second Life Community Convention (SLCC) was last weekend (August 24-26). There was a panel by SciLands members, chaired by James Dearnley.

Here is James Dearnley’s blog about the panel

Dave Taylor also announced the existence of the Second Health sims, which he later wrote about on his blog. The Second Health website is also live now.

The UgoTrade blog also has a great article about the SciLands panel and Second Health.

A Hungarian medical student (Bertalan Meskó) also discovered the Second Health sims on his own (before they were announced at the SLCC) and he wrote a bit about them on his blog.

Ivan Semeniuk, the US Bureau Chief for New Scientist, posted an article about astronomy in SL on the New Scientist space blog. It mentions Chaac’s planetarium and telescope at the ISM, among other things.

The Washington Times did an article that talked about the SciLands, particularly the University of Denver and their new NRC project, in an article on August 2.  Other organizations in the SciLands are also mentioned.

The July/August issue of Technology Review has an 11-page cover story that features several islands in the SciLands: Science School, ISM’s Spaceport Alpha, and NOAA’s Meteora. The online edition also has several video clips from these islands.

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